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Everything About House Spiders

All You Want To Know About House Spiders

House spiders are horrible creatures commonly spotted perching in corners or hiding in bathtubs. In many parts of the world, house spiders inspire fear in thousands of people. It is generally acknowledged that to overcome the fear you have of the arachnids, learning about them might be a good idea. If you wish to combat your fear and increase your general knowledge, read on. This article covers all you need to know about house spiders.

Biologically, if truth be told, house spiders are beneficial creatures for the simple reason that the arachnids feed on the insect population of a household keeping it under check. Unlike what many movies tend to depict, house spiders are not vengeful creatures and they do not attack out of spite. Many people don’t know this but to kill a spider, all you need to do is crush it under your feet. House spiders do not enjoy the company of man and if things are left to them, they will keep to themselves as far as possible. It is also to be noted that house spiders do not enjoy biting people. The arachnids only become aggressive when they are threatened in some way or another.

Basically all house spiders show the ability to bite, injecting venom in their victims. Biting is actually a very essential mechanism for the arachnids because they use it to satisfy their feeding habits. In general, upon capturing a prey, a house spider will subject the victim to a venomous bite that liquefies the insect of prey to allow the spider to consume it.  Although the above statement is true for all house spiders, the toxicity of the venom of the arachnids varies. As a matter of fact, of all the house spiders known to mankind, only a few show the capability to administer deadly venomous bites.

House spiders thrive all across the world except for the polar regions and in the large bodies of water. Basically, the main aim of a spider is to prey and feed itself. As a matter of fact, all arachnids share this particular characteristic in common.  Arachnids are predators and so are the many house spiders we know of. House spiders are hardly fond of humans and when the arachnids invade home, they do not do so out of mischief but rather, the animals are merely in search of food. Nevertheless, house spiders and humans have never been in good terms. It is actually inconceivable that the two could live side by side. To control the arachnid population in your home, there are a number of things you can choose to do including:

1. Keeping your home clean as far as possible. House spiders enjoy clutter and dirt and darkness.

2. You might also want to maintain your property trimming exterior bushes as well as plant lives in your garden.

3. Last but not least, to prevent house spiders from introducing themselves into your home, try sealing the cracks and crevices around it. You can also choose to use a spray pest control product for arachnids readily available here at PestMall.

House Spider


Fact About Black House Spiders

The black house spider – an interesting species that do not bite often, but when they do, you would REALLY wish they didn’t! People who have experienced the paid once do everything to prevent it from occurring again. Increased sweating and vomiting (along with nausea) are the symptoms that appear after a bite.

The black house spider is a tough one, and quite obviously, black. In your house, they’re most likely found in places hard for human beings to access, like in corners or cavities. The more ambitious ones are prefer settling near a source of light, where their food are literally attracted to (their prey insects).

Usually coloured back (or dark brown) in the legs, the black house spider can grow up to 30mm from leg to leg. They are no different from other spiders in terms of their sizes – females are larger and have shorter legs compared to their body size. If you look close enough, you may also see some kind of drawing on their greyish abdomen, right under the hairs.

Now let’s talk about their love life. When the male black house spider wants to mate with its female counterpart, it first requests her permission or approval, by gently plucking the female’s web (after having found it after some searching). When the girl says “Yes”, he comes closer and then inseminates her. Unlike some other species, he is not eaten by her. They actually sometimes stay together like a happy couple (usually for more than a few days). And while they are at it, they don’t mind doing it again several times.

The eggs are then laid in silk sacks, right onto the web itself. The female black house spider guards them until they hatch. When they’re ready, the new little creatures then go to start their own life. Alternatively, some of them stay around a bit, just to get some food their mom left for them (well, the preys the female actually just ignored).

Now, as lovely and romantic as this article may sound, some of you certainly still don’t appreciate these creatures as we do. And for you, we recommend professional pesticides that you can obtain for cheap on websites like – especially if you don’t want yourself or your kids to go through the painful biting process. These professional pesticides will get rid of the black house spiders in your house.


Knowing All There Is To Know About House Spiders

Did you know…

1. House spiders belong to what is known as the kingdom Animalia

2. A typical female house spider can measure a length of approximately 9-10 mm

3. An average male house spider can measure a length of approximately 6-9 mm

4. House spiders are common and widespread in many parts of the world

A brief description

Spiders in house are perhaps the most loathed of spiders and they can often be caught stuck in the bath, which is an absolutely disgusting sight to be honest no matter how much these creatures might fascinate you. House spiders are known to be fairly large compared to the other species we know of and they generally vary in color between pale and dark brown. It is pretty easy to distinguish between a male house spider and a female one. A male spider will generally show a slender abdomen and noticeably longer legs.

Habitat and biology

House spiders are known to thrive in houses and other buildings including garden sheds. They can’t live in the wild as you can most probably already guess. The name pretty much says it all- House spiders.

Although often detested, house spiders are known to provide a particular service wherever they happen to occur. House spiders reduce the number of flies in a household and that is a fact. If you think about it, house spiders can actually be seen as something of a biological control method for flies and other such insects in the home though most of will prefer going for alternative control methods am sure but anyway, the point is, house spiders make themselves useful.

As a general rule, male house spiders are seen more often than the female counterparts as they wander around, looking forward to mating with a female at some point or another. When a male finds the web of a female house spider, he will stick around for a number of weeks within which time he will mate with her again and again until he dies. The female is then known to eat the male spider. The nutrients within the male basically serve to contribute to the development of his young ones. Gross but true.

The control

So you want to know “how to get rid of house spiders?” General sanitation, both indoors and outdoors, is absolutely essential if you want to control the house spiders around your home. In particular, you will need to clean any woodpile, compost pile, old boards, and other such debris. Here, you will need to exercise caution when working around any material that has been stockpiled for some time. You will also need to monitor the moisture around your home. Ideally, you need to keep crawlspaces, basements and porches absolutely dry. Last but not least, you might also want to resort to chemical treatments. For an insecticide to work, you will need to make sure you follow the instructions on the label correctly. House spiders are relatively easy to control so it should not be much of a problem for you to prevent an overwhelming infestation.